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Sindh Human Rights Department


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Sindh Human Rights Department

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Sindh Human Rights are the rights that all individuals are entitled to and they ensure the dignity of every person. Human rights, being inalienable, universal, interconnected & indivisible, are the minimum standards of legal, civil and political freedom that are granted universally. All humans are entitled to freedom, security and decent standards of living concurrently. It has been experienced that those societies flourish well where the rights of the people are delivered, protected and observed freely.

The projection of human rights is the fundamental prerequisite for creating an inclusive and just society. The Government of Sindh, sensing the importance of the issue and being aware of its responsibility, established a Human Rights Directorate in September 2008 under the control of the Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Department.

Fully realizing the heterogeneous nature and composition of the society prevailing in the Sindh province, where in the recent past a sudden rise of complex nature of human rights violations has witnessed and to effectively address the issues relating to human rights violation the Human Rights Department was given an independent entity with full-fledged concentration and established as separate Department in December 2016.

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